The first bank for the global hemp industry is created

The first bank for the global hemp industry is created

A tycoon has created the hemp bank with the backing of his Swissx Cherry and Donald Trump hemp seed companies for one billion dollars

Cypriot mogul Alkis David, together with his Swiss consortium, has created the “The Swissx Bank of Cannabis” whose headquarters are located in the city of Gstaad and will also soon have a headquarters in a Caribbean country.

This Greek billionaire, owner of a Coca Cola bottling company, is the creator of SwissX, the Swiss Bank of Cannabis and Swiss Global Hemp Exchange. The Swissx Bank of Cannabis, a bank created for the hemp industry, will have its own cryptocurrency, the SWX, based on the bitcoin blockchain, for project management.

Last May, David was already news for having been arrested in the Caribbean country, Saint Kitts and Nevis, when police discovered 5000 cannabis plants aboard his private jet. Next to him was the star of the Mission Impossible series, Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

After being arrested for the crime of smuggling and being tried, the businessman insulted the country’s Prime Minister, Timothy Harris, calling him “little dictator.” He was charged with attempted supply, possession of drugs and importation of a controlled drug. After demonstrating that the plants were hemp, the tycoon explained that he was in the country to talk about his hemp business, Swissx Bank of Cannabis, with Harris. David has denied the drug accusations, claiming that his plants are a different cannabis strain, since they do not contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and it is not illegal.

Now it has become news again for the launch of the Swissx Bank of Cannabis, the first international hemp bank, which will operate with SWX Coin, a cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin blockchain, and whose economic value is directly linked to the global price middle of hemp flower.

David had already convinced Denzil Douglas, who was the prime minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis for 20 years before the current Prime Minister Timothy Harris ruled the country since 2015, to serve as director at the branch’s board in the Caribbean of the Swissx Bank of Cannabis. The bank wants to have a headquarters in the Caribbean and in principle Saint Kitts and Nevis was going to be the definitive place. But after the arrest of the tycoon, it is still unknown where the Caribbean headquarters will be located.

Greek billionaire Alki David and his Swiss-based consortium created The Swissx Bank of Cannabis in order to facilitate and cover global hemp transactions. The hemp bank says the project begins with the support of a bank of its own hemp seeds, called Cherry Wine and Donald Trump seeds. The initial budget is 1000 million dollars.

The Swissx Global Hemp Exchange will also provide the entire hemp industry with a secondary market where future projects and other operations can be carried out based on their analysis of the global market.

David says hemp bank is a great opportunity for farmers and regional economies throughout the Caribbean. With great optimism the entrepreneur believes that they will use all the Swiss financial knowledge to create the first hemp bank. David is convinced that the hemp bank is going to be a better resource than Nielsen and bigger than the Nasdaq for the cannabis industry. His idea is to make it the engine for the global business of legal cannabis.

As we have said, the Swissx Bank of Cannabis was launched with a value of 750 million dollars from its Swissx Cherry Wine and Donald Trump Seeds seed company, plus 250 million dollars in Swiss francs: a total of one billion American dollars. The bank will also monitor data flows and manage surplus Swissx crops. The bank also focuses on the use of the latest technology.

The Farmer’s Wallet, which operates with the SWX Coin cryptocurrency, was created to pay the members of the Swissx Hemp Farmers Cooperative (Swiss Hemp). The international cooperative, which is growing rapidly throughout the Caribbean, was created to meet the demand for Swissx Hemp Flower products, and offers patented hemp genetics, training and a guarantee to buy all the crops grown by participating farmers.

Swissx Bank of Cannabis is a leading company in legal CBD products. He has developed a massive international cooperative agricultural operation with large crops in California and Puerto Rico, and 5000 acres more under contract throughout the Caribbean. Swissx CBD products are distributed worldwide in health food stores, doctor’s offices and in mass stores. The products have been backed by Mike Tyson, Scott Disick, of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Dave Navarro of the “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” Snoop Dogg, Chief Keef, Lil Wayne, Tommy Chong of “Cheech and Chong.” , Donatella Versace, Jonathan Rhys Myers and other celebrities.

David’s other companies are also perfectly compatible with SwissX Bank of Cannabis, including FilmOn Networks, which is a pioneer in the global television broadcast service, Hologram USA, which is a pioneer in holograms and others. It also has different partner companies, such as Universal Studies, Capital Cities / ABS, House of Dior and Universal Music Group.

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