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How does Cannabinol (CBN) affect you?

Insomnia, lack of appetite, analgesic and much more

Cannabinol (CBN) is one of the more than one hundred compounds named cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa plant. We all know about THC and CBD. But what happens with the rest of these chemical compounds? What are they for?

Unlike many other cannabinoids, CBN is not present on fresh flowers. Even on dried and well cured flowers, the percentage of CBN very rarely over passes a mere one percent.

In fact, CBN is a breackdown of THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid of Cannabis Sativa plant. As THC ages, it transforms into CBN. Sometimes growers forget about some buds and let them dry without proper conditions. These buds finally become stale. And is in these buds where the highest amounts of CBN can be found.

This can sound unappealing but it all depends on certain factors and above all on what you are looking for. Think that this cannabinoid has several benefits. High-THC strains that contain higher levels of CBN are thought to produce a more relaxing , couch-locking effect.

If you grow a variety high in THC, CBN and a flavor molecule called myrcene, be sure you will feel sleepy because it will have a seriously sedative effect, Anyway, sedation isn’t the only benefit that CBN produces. Although CBN is nonpsychoactive, some studies in human cells has shown that CBN has just a medium capacity to activate the same cell receptors as THC.


1 – Sleep : This effect is amplified when it is combined with THC. In fact, a research from 1976 found that the drowsy effects of this cannabinoid are amplified when it is combined with THC.

2 – Appetite : Studies at the School of Pharmacy in Berkshire’s University have shown that CBN can increase appetite, which is helpful for those with wasting diseases who don’t want the psychoactive effect of THC. And remember that CBD is appetite suppressant.

3- Anticonvulsant : Is less effective than THC or CBD but still has this property.

4 – Anti-inflammatory: According to early studies, CBN has substantial anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful for those who have asthma or respiratory allergies.

5 – Antibiotic: CBN is a powerful antibiotic. It successfully kills methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The researches about this fact started in 2008.

6 – Analgesic: It is quite effective as a painkiller.

7 – Burn Treatment: CBN can have a hypothermic effect, according to research that dates back to 1980. It can lower body temperature. It is particularly useful to use in the topical treatment for burns.

8 – Psoriasis: According to early research it seems that CBN is beneficial for psoriasis. CBN decreases the proliferation of keranitocytes, a kind of skin cells that become hyperactive when a person suffers from psoriasis.

How to promote the percentage of CBN in your flowers

The best way is to age your flowers. Harvest your plants when they are more mature than they should be. Allow the trichomes begin to develop amber coloration prior to cutting down. Then cut, dry and cure them.

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