Thousands of Dutch people are preparing to face the COVID-19 crisis being high

Thousands of Dutch people are preparing to face the COVID-19 crisis being high


Thousands of Dutch people rushed to buy cannabis to spend the quarantine of COVID-19 being high before coffee shops closed last Sunday at 6 p.m.

Never before COVID-19 crisis Holland had so many and large queues of people waiting outside the doors of Dutch coffee shops. And it is that thousands of Dutch people have decided to face the 3-week quarantine established by the government, being high with good cannabis.

Legal regulations were introduced around 5:30 p.m. last Sunday and included the mandate that all restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms, saunas, sex clubs and cafes close as of 6 p.m. from Sunday to April 6.

As soon as the news of the closure of these establishments was known, hundreds of citizens queued at each of all the coffee shops across the country. These citizens know that they are going to have to spend many days locked up at home with nothing to do and they have chosen to be high as a great idea to make the coronavirus crisis more bearable.

The influx of customers has been so unexpected that when the legal closing time arrived, most coffee shops had up to 40 customers on the premises waiting to buy their cannabis. Many owners of these establishments were afraid that the police would appear at any moment and fine them, so they had no choice but to kick out many of these Dutch citizens who, angry, had to go home without the cannabis they needed to be high the next 3 weeks of crisis by coronavirus placed.

The situation was the same in cities across the country, including in Breda, Nijmegen and Utrecht, where lines meandered on the facades of cafes, on sidewalks and in squares.

The staff set up separate lines for cash and cards while customers rushed to order supplies to prepare for quarantine being high.

Putting aside the widespread search for pasta and toilet paper, thousands of customers in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and The Hague stood in long queues on Sunday to stock up on marijuana to quarantine while high. In a very civic way, people established separate lines to pay in cash and cards while customers rushed to order all the supplies they deemed necessary for what may be a quarantine that has never been known before and that they undoubtedly prefer to spend being high.

The queues were also huge in Roermond, near the German border, amid fears that the German government will close its borders with the Netherlands.

Germany has already introduced strict controls for those arriving from France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Denmark starting Monday.

The cannabis queues came despite the fact that Health Minister Bruno Bruins made an urgent appeal to the Dutch during Sunday’s press conference, saying: “Don’t hoard. It is not necessary.” But the reality is that thousands of Dutch people have chosen to buy enough cannabis to overcome the COVID-19 crisis being high.

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