The White House is Set to Release its Legalization Policy after the Election

The White House is set to release its legalization policy after the election

According to a statement from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, the White House is expected to declare its plan to legalize cannabis. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said that he has been talking about the issue with sources from the Trump administration.

According to Rohrabacher’s statement to Fox Business, he has been communicating with workers within the White House who are well informed about what happens in the white house. He also said that he has been having lengthy conversations with people in the white house. He finally added that he has encouraged that the president wants to maintain his campaign objective.

During the previous presidential election in 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump made a lot of statements relating to his perspective about future cannabis legalization. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump declared his support for a plan to legalize that would allow states to decide if it would be legal within their borders. He also made statements relating to legalization in more than one interview and at least one rally on the campaign trail.

For a year now, Republican Rohrabacher has heavily supported the legalization of cannabis and is known to be amongst Hill’s top lawmakers regarding the issue. Rohrabacher is part of the Congress’ Cannabis Caucus and is the namesake on a piece of repeated legislation called the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, whose primary objective is to shield medical marijuana states from federal law enforcement.

According to Rohrabacher, after the election, Republicans will have a meeting where they will come together and start sorting out issues relating to marijuana legalization that is specific and real. Nevertheless, the congressman may not be available after the election to reinforce the deal. This is because he is going through a difficult challenge to seek for reelection against Democrat Harley Rouda who is also in favor of marijuana legalization.

The report which suggests a possible deal is due to a report published by Buzzfeed News which propose that the Trump administration has been summoning executive staff to gather negative information about cannabis and its effects.

The report stated that BuzzFeed received unpublished memos from something known as the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee which requested that the DEA, EPA, and the Department of Defense, and various agencies, recognize marijuana threats; problems established by state marijuana initiatives; and effects of utilization, cultivation, and trafficking on national health, safety, and security.

Currently, it shows that conflicting reports from various sources are creating a tough moment which has to deal with the Trump administration decision on the issue relating to marijuana legalization. There have been no essential changes in policy since Attorney General Jeff Sessions revoked the Cole Memo in January, making legal states and stocks to become temporary afraid.

However, in April, President Trump made a statement to reporters, saying that he would favor a plan to make cannabis legal if states were permitted to decide for themselves, almost instantly after Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Cory Gardner (R-CO) launched legislation that would do just that.

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