The Washington House Introduces Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana on School Property

The Washington House introduces bill to allow medical marijuana on school property

The Washington State Congress recently marked its first day of work, and the session commenced by a bill proposal which affects students who have received medical marijuana prescription. According to Brian Blake, the representative of Aberdeen, the filing of HB 1060, would permit children to be to obtain medical marijuana on their school campus, on the bus, or at school-sponsored activities.

As of now, children in the state have to skip school campus to receive their meds. The bill obliges both the student and their caretaker to register in the medical marijuana database of the state and hold ID cards to that effect.

This type of legislation had been proposed sometime before. In 2018, a similar HB 1060 highly progressed in the House Rules Committee.

Medical marijuana patients in Washington, legally qualify with ailments that are “severe enough to have a huge effect on the patient’s daily living activities and capacity to function.

The denial to administer medical marijuana at school profoundly impacts the children who use cannabis as their daily supplement. Parent Meagan Holt stated that her daughter suffers from Zellweger Syndrome, and she uses cannabis oil as a treatment as a treatment.

Washington State has a lower chance of legalizing the prescription of marijuana for children suffering from various conditions. Ashley Surin who is a resident of Chicago, was in sixth grade when her parents filed a federal case against her school to fight for Surin’s right to carry her medicine while at school. Thus, Ashley’s law was passed by the state of Illinois which ensures that students are can freely move their medication while pursuing their studies.

According to reports from the Chicago Tribune, Ashley’s mother Maureen Surin said that she hopes it’s going to assist other kids facing a similar issue.

All over the United States, school districts are trying to adopt the requirements needed for the administration of medical marijuana on school grounds. In most areas, school health staff have been receiving instructions to administer medical cannabis to qualified students.

However, children and the use of marijuana have always been a focal point, and there is an argument on a national level, based on the status of marijuana medications in school. An administrators’ group in Florida, raised awareness that the federal government could place school administrators in charge of deciding whether children should receive their meds at school grounds or not. In the state of Florida, few school districts prohibited students from receiving state-legal medicine while on school grounds. These statuses have been updated by educational policy groups which have refused to grant funds to schools that permit state-legal medical cannabis usage on campus.

According to the Washington legislation of Rep. Blake, parents should be allowed to be on school campuses to administer their child’s medication whenever it’s required. This is not under California’s SB 1127, or Colorado’s laws, which permits school health staff to deliver medical marijuana to students and other similar medication, therefore sparing time for parents.

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