The importance of PK nutrients in cannabis cultivation

The importance of PK nutrients in cannabis cultivation

PK nutrients (phosphorus and potassium) have an important function for the fattening of cannabis flowers

The 3 macro nutrients of cannabis nutrition are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The 3 are fundamental elements that the soil of our marijuana crop needs to develop. The combination of these three macro nutrients is the base of the fertilizers marketed in the market and that allow our plants to develop throughout their different stages. We will focus on PK nutrients and the role they have on our marijuana crops. PK is the acronym for the relationship between the chemical elements Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) that are the basis of products for fattening marijuana buds.

Phosphorus is of great importance for the production of resin and seeds during the flowering stage. Even in the growth phase it is important because it helps to perform photosynthesis. The high concentrations of phosphorus in this type of products are vital to favor a correct metabolism of our plants.

Potassium is of great importance. During the growth phase it stimulates root development and the formation of strong stems. And in the flowering phase it increases the formation of terpenes and essential oils that will increase the intensity of the organoleptic properties of our plants. It is essential for the development of large and lush flowers.

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When should we start using them?

It is very important to know exactly when to use PK nutrients to fatten the buds. Knowing the exact period will be of great help to improve the growth of marijuana flowers, their volume and weight and the production of aromatic resin and terpenoids. We will start using PK nutrients when the first buds arise during the flowering stage. This is the time when our plants will stop growing to focus on the production and fattening of the buds.

For this it is necessary that the plants have had a good feeding in the growth phase and have a robust and well-formed structure to produce our expected buds and that the branches of the plant can support them.

But if we want to know the exact week to start adding PK nutrients, we must understand that this varies depending on the PK levels of the fertilizer manufacturer. The most frequent is to start using them from the second week of flowering along with other additives or nutritional supplements. But if the fattening fertilizers you are going to use have a high PK you should use it only in the final phase of flowering.

PK nutrients for flowering allow us to obtain crops with abundant buds, full of resin and terpenes.

Types of PK nutrients

We can find numerous brands of PK nutrients to increase the productivity of our marijuana plants. We can divide them into two large groups: chemical and organic.

The chemical PK nutrients are of mineral origin and are mainly produced by the fertilizer industry. We can find them in solid or liquid format and are highly appreciated by novice growers who want to get large crops from the first crop. They are also widely used by cannabis growers for commercial purposes because they will inflate the buds a lot and very quickly.

If we talk about organic PK nutrients, we must clarify that they have an animal or vegetable origin for their elaboration and are the most demanded for self-consumption. They are usually composed of residues from composting, which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. Organic PK nutrients stimulate our plants to generate more terpenes and sugars, which will have an impact on the volume of our buds.

How should we use nutrients?

Nutrients to fatten the buds of cannabis should begin to be used at the beginning of the flowering phase, a time that can vary between the 2nd, 3rd or 4th week depending on the manufacturer and the concentration of PK. For the correct use of PK nutrients, we must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

But generally, the fertilizer rich in PK should be added in a single irrigation per week because they are very concentrated products and our plants need time to metabolize them, although sometimes we can increase the dose frequency, but it will depend on the manufacturer. Using PK nutrients once a week we will avoid over fertilizing our plants and damaging our cultivation in the last phase.

It should also be known that not all available PK nutrients give the same result to all growers. It is very important to take into account the experience of each grower, the type of substrate and the regulation of the PH and EC of the irrigation water to take advantage of the full potential of the product.

It should also be remembered that manufacturers always recommend doing a good root wash between 1 and 2 weeks before harvest. In this way the plant will be free of salts in its plant parts and will be better for consumption.

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