Meeting of retirees seeking information on cannabis

Meeting of retirees seeking information on cannabis

More than 100 retirees seeking information on medical cannabis met Monday in Penticton (California)

A group of more than 100 retirees gathered in the small town of Pencticton, California, to learn everything they needed about medical cannabis. Retired people are looking for more information about what medical cannabis can do for them. Most of these older people are aware that conventional medicine prescribes chemical medications whose side effects are unknown and harmful. Tired of so much chemistry and witnessing the green cannabis revolution as medicine, retirees seek more information about what medical cannabis can do for their health.

A large gathering of retirees with genuine interest in cannabis appeared at the Pentiction Seniors reception center last Monday. The more than one hundred retirees filled the facilities. But this time they did not go to play pool or cards, but to discover how medical marijuana can relieve their aches and pains.

Being aware of the enormous interest that cannabis arouses among the elderly and retired, Wellworth Health, an association that provides information, evaluation by practicing doctors and nurses, and access to medical marijuana, organized this informative session for those retirees who want to know more about cannabis.

Bruce MacEachern, a member of Wellworth Health, told the media that they are getting a large number of people to want to know more about medical cannabis and how it could affect their lives. In cases where patients have a need and try to find a solution in cannabis, many doctors are willing to recommend cannabis as a natural medicine and Wellworth Health is here to help inform the sick and even provide them with a doctor.

Bruce MacEachern said that the patients who express the greatest interest in medical cannabis these days are retirees and pensioners. The segment of the population that is showing more interest in medical cannabis today is made up of people 65 years and older who realize that they can obtain medical cannabis with high CBD formulations, which does not have a “high”, but rather well-being, better pain management and better disease status management.

According to Wellworth Health, CBD oils are the most in demand among people over 65 and retirees seeking information on medical cannabis. They are options for many people who have decided to replace prescription medications with medical cannabis. Some of the retirees seeking information about cannabis in Penticton were not sick and did not take prescription medications. However, they are aware that they may need it one day and for this reason they want to inform themselves.

Tina Begg, a retired woman who attended the Penticton retired meeting to learn about cannabis, said she was aware that conventional medications are not always the best way to medicate, so maybe cannabis is a way to treat pain without compromising other aspects of health.

Doug Hansen, another attendee at the meeting of retirees seeking information on cannabis as medicine added that for many he had heard too many bad things about marijuana and that now older people are seeing and checking the good side of this herb. In fact, the demand for medical cannabis among retirees and the elderly is expected to increase.

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