Walmart is considering offering marijuana products

Walmart is considering offering marijuana products

Walmart Considering on joining the list of mega-chain industries wanting to offer New Marijuana Products

Walmart has joined the list of companies who are planning on entering the marijuana industry. People who are craving for marijuana to move towards mainstream availability may discover that this information is interesting. This is because a spokesperson for Walmart released a statement saying that the mega-chain is currently conducting “preliminary fact-finding” which will determine if the company will sell cannabis products or not.

Diane Medeiros who is the representative of Walmart Canada admitted in an email sent to the Vancouver Sun that, although the Walmart hasn’t yet established its plans for making any particular product commercially accessible, the company is currently conducting a research on the possibility of stocking cannabinoid-infused items—especially products containing CBD. According to Medeiros, the research will be considered as to good business strategy, stating that Walmart is carrying out its due diligence, which is similar to any product from a new industry.

The information about Walmart’s interest in cannabis-infused products came days before Canada nationally legalized marijuana on the federal level. Considering that census organization of Canada has predicted that Canadians will spend $1 billion on legal cannabis in the first 10 weeks of its availability, it is not surprising that the cannabis industry is already gaining attention from already established brands and companies.

Walmart is not the only leading brand which is seeking to enter the marijuana industry and extend its products for marijuana consumers. The food and beverage industries are also among the industries wanting to enter the marijuana industry. In September, Coca-Cola became part of the list of leading brands that have openly stated their interest of entering the marijuana industry and create CBD infused products. Moreover, Molson Coors became the largest brand to declare its ambition to enter the marijuana industry and start producing with cannabis beers, even though medium and smaller sized breweries such as California’s Lagunitas and Portland’s Coalition Brewing are already producing CBD-infused alcoholic beverages. Estée Lauder is also among the leading brands trying to capture weed consumers, after producing its “Hello, Calm” sativa-infused face mask accessible through its Origins line at Sephora.

Nevertheless, it’s not solely leading companies that are seeking to enter the marijuana industry. Some cafés and restaurants have been offering CBD-infused coffee, tea, baked goods, and even cocktails. An example of this can be seen in the United States-based vegan restaurant chain By Chloe, which is currently selling CBD-infused food and drinks. Internationally, Blooms Café in Ireland and Liverpool’s White Wolf Yoga and Kitchen have also a part of the cannabis industry. Although some people don’t like CBD coffee, many people are craving for it due to its availability.

The announcement form Medeiros will definitely please marijuana advocates who are fighting for a wider mainstream acceptance of the plant, and upset the critics and those keen to maintain a free profile cannabis industry — which has been facing lots of inquiries by marijuana companies ready for international trade and multi-store chains that are responsible for structuring the cannabis economy in recreational-legal states. It’s now certain that the cannabis industry will have a bright future and its products will sell as compared to any other product.

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